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Another idea of mine is to bring the Black Pearl and crew into Tortal during 'The Immortals' saga. Preferably, but not necessarily the crew from Dead Man's Chest.
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Ok so last night I saw the new movie PotC:Dead Man's Chest, which I really liked except for the ending. Anyway, I had the thought 'What if Jack's compass won't work because the desire closest to his heart is both freedom from Davy Jones and having Will Turner as his own'

So the challenge is this:
Write a story in which Jack achieves both desires. And while its not necessary to kill Elizabeth you do need to some how write her out of the story or with someone else. No bashing! Even if I do think Elizabeth is a bitch.
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Back story: The Council retrieves Buffy after she burns down the Hemery school gym. They kill Hank and Joyce and abuse Buffy in the name of training.(Not sexually) The Council try to recreate the First Slayer causing Buffy to go feral. They control her with an electric collar. They keep her in a cage, enchanted so she can't break it and blessed so vamps can't get her while she's in it.

Challenge: Spike sees a Watcher prodding the feral Slayer to slay and shocking her when she attacks him. After several nights of seeing this and similar incidences Spike kills the Watcher.

Buffy disappears until she goes into her first Heat, at which time she encounters Spike.

Note: Spike is still killing, he is not a white hat. Well, unless you have him turn white hat during the story.
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Buffy is the foundling daughter of the Goblin King Jareth and his wife Sarah Williams (the only one to beat the Labyrinth). Buffy was found by Joyce Summers the night after the stillborn birth of her daughter and Joyce adopted Buffy. The only contact Buffy has from her biological parents is through dreams that she remembers and learns from, but only half believes.

Start the story in the season two Halloween episode.
Dru died a week-month ago
Buffy got the memories of all Slayers when the spell ended as a chaotic side-affect and went primal.
Buffy claimed a not quite reluctant Spike as her mate.
The Slayer memories tell Buffy that the Fae are real, so she and Spike try to find a way into the Underground and/or a way to contact her parents.

I'd forgotten I put this one on BSV for awhile, I thought I'd only put it on Twisting the Hellmouth.
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Dru has been dust for about 50 years and Spike has gotten emotionally harder since then.

He sees Buffy just after she was Called and decides that this Slayer will be his new 'toy'.

After burning down the school gym and being sent to an institution, Buffy starts getting 'visits' from Spike. He trains her into seeing him as her 'Master'. By the time Buffy gets out of the institution, she is mostly submissive to Spike. The only thing sexually he hasn't done to her is intercourse (vaginal or anal). And he only inflicted pain in ways the could have been self-inflicted. Spike has Buffy thinking that she is not yet worthy of him taking her completely.

Canon Season 1

Season 2. Spike reinforces his training in Buffy, punishes her for being around Angel and being bitten by the Master. He also finally takes all of her.

Write your version of the described events and continue the BtVS series with this BDSM Spuffy couple.

Whether or not Spike and Buffy come to love each other is up to you, though I would perfer if they eventually did.
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Spike has been in a feral state since Drusilla dusted two years ago. He knows that he wants something but not what it is. Spike ends up in Sunnydale while looking for what he wants (love/a mate).

Have Spike find Buffy as she is going to the Master and decide that she will be his mate.

How will this feral vampire deal with the Master biting Buffy?

How will Spike react to Angel and Xander's feelings (lust) for Buffy?

How will Buffy react to a strange feral vampire claiming her?

How will Spike win his mate?

Will Spike go back to normal before or after he claims Buffy? With help from her blood? A spell? Naturally?
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I'm sure you get the message of the AKAs.
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"When a Slayer reaches her peak, she unconsciously starts to seek a mate by listening in on people's thoughts to find one suitable to her. Very few Slayer's live long enough to reach their peaks and it doesn't happen to every girl at the same age. But once it does, she will be able to read thoughts until she-she chooses someone, male or female, a-a-and physically mates with them. Then a mental link is-is created between the, er, two so that it is possible for her to want to stay at her peak.

A Slayer's mating is for her life, be it a few days or years, the longer it is, the more you'll start to develop other abilities, such as empathy towards one another or even feeling what the other is physically."

Giles from 'If You Could Only Hear' by Saber ShadowKitten

Challenge is to use this idea to write an in character late Season One - Season Two Spuffy story.

Disclaimer: Origanal idea belongs to Saber ShadowKitten.

Have Buffy a little darker/more primal (Maybe because of her death at the Master's hands)

Don't have Buffy/Angel (At least not Buffy responding to Angel)

Don't have Buffy and Spike give in to the mating easily, have them fight the feelings for awhile.

Permission given to post this challenge by Sabershadowkat BSB
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Info for the Challenge: Every Slayer has a link to a Master Vampire that manifests in dreams. No Slayer has ever met the Vamp that was theirs and none every told their Watchers about those dreams.

Have Buffy linked to Spike. A Spike that is fed-up with Dru's 'Daddy' issues.

Without changing the canonverse timeline show how this can change the story.

Will it change Buffy's personality? Her tecnique? Will she look him up in the Watchers Diaries? How will she react when he comes to Sunnydale?

No Dawn in this story!!!
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BtVS canon storyline up until the episode 'Lie to Me'. Turn AU after Buffy stakes Ford. Spike attacks Buffy in the cemetary and their fight turns into a mating dance, which ofcourse Spike wins. Spike sexually dominates and claims Buffy, forcing her to acknowledge his claim. Oz and Jenny Calender find out and Ms. Calender does a forgetting spell leaving only herself out of it. Back to canon storyline until Spike makes the Angel comment in 'The Harsh Light of Day'.As Spike is trying to figure out why the thought of his GrandSire sleeping with the Slayer pisses him off, Buffy gets the Gem of Amara off of Spike's finger. Jenny's spell starts fading from Spike. Several months later, around when 'Something Blue' would have happened, Riley finds Spike reclaiming Buffy in her room at her mother's house.(Note: Spike never ran into the Initative, though he has heard of it, and Buffy is in the beginning stages of dating Riley) Spike knows that Riley is watching, but Buffy doesn't.
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Ok I'll admit that I forgot to ask permission to use somebody's story in a challenge once or twice, but I have never NEVER stolen a challenge from ANYBODY. All challenges I claim to have written were MY IDEAS. It is true that I posted some challenges on Vampires-Kiss before becoming a member, but that does not make the challenges any less mine.
I mean, come on, you should even notice that they all have themes of feral Buffy and/or Spike, dominant Spike, or a mixture of the two. There is even one crossing over with the Labyrinth where Buffy is a half human/half Fae foundling child. And even that one has Buffy going primal which is just another way of saying feral.
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Read this ( drabble, then write a story using it as a prologue.
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